A Powerful Healthcare Panel

FOR Professional and Patient Research Solutions

At All Global, our large-scale healthcare double opt-in panel has been designed to power your professional and patient research solutions. Delivering on both quantitative and qualitative approaches, our proprietary and robustly verified panels provide access to a diverse global network of healthcare professionals and patient profiles.

Key Features

Global Reach

Access a diverse global network of healthcare professionals across various specialties, operating in multiple countries, providing insights into numerous patient conditions.


We proudly adhere to the revised standard ISO 20252:2019 for healthcare market research and panel management, ensuring that we deliver top-quality results for your research projects.

Our Panel

Our esteemed professional panel includes physicians, payers, nurses, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and various other healthcare stakeholders across a wide spectrum of therapy areas.​

Global Reach

Gain access to a global network of healthcare professionals representing nearly 100 specialties, across 44 therapy areas, and operating within 27 countries giving you the opportunity to engage with diverse expertise, gaining insights into the more than 100 patient conditions we represent.​


All Global’s physician panel is ISO 20252:2019 certified, recognising our ongoing commitment to ethics and compliance in market research, as well as robust panel data management. We are members of BHBIA and ephmra, with staff certified in relevant ethics and compliance, and adverse event reporting standards.

Our Panel

Known for its unparalleled quality and scale, our panel stands out in the industry, due to its impressive size and high engagement. With over two decades of expertise in the healthcare market research space, we have pioneered and held a position as a thought leader, and advocate for compliance best practices. Our healthcare specific community is all-encompassing and diverse, bolstered by a stringent ISO-certified two-step verification process that validates prospective panellists’ identities and professional qualifications.

Through research-ready sources, we bring you closer to physicians and patients than ever before. 

Our healthcare panellists are validated via:

  • Requiring HCP professionals’ credentials including license numbers, and verifying work emails, addresses, and telephone numbers at registration.
  • In-survey IP checks for duplication, geographic location confirmation, and pin-code verification when honoraria are redeemed.


In-survey quality checks are part of our DNA. In the pursuit of upholding the highest standards, we proactively identify and remove persistent underperformers from our panel, ensuring consistency in the exceptional quality of the insights gathered.


We provide a variety of cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative methodologies tailored to align with your unique research needs.

Our methodologies include:


  • In-person qual research
  • Remote qual research
  • QualStage – Remote Qual Platform
  • Agile research


  • Traditional online survey
  • Quick pulse survey
  • Do-It-Together SaaS solutions
  • Real-world research
  • Custom recruitment
  • List matching capabilities

Mixed Methods

  • Exploratory interviews
  • Attributing generation
  • Follow-up TDIs
  • Patient record forms
  • Ideation for quant testing